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The 9 things every teacher should know

Nine profound information presented by a renowned educationalist about teaching that could improve and enrich Madrassah education, both in terms of pupils’ experience and attainment. The article explains the importance of positive teacher-pupil relations, setting learning objectives, what it means to learn something, prerequisites for learning, making feedback effective among many other excellent points worthy [...]

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10 Questions Parents and Madrassah teachers need to ask before classes start

With the summer holidays coming to an end, Madrassah classes across the UK will be restarting this month. have compiled 10 questions that parents and Madrassah teachers need to ask, to ensure they are fully equipped to teach children the wonders of the Quran this year. Are your teachers DBS checked [...]

10 Questions Parents and Madrassah teachers need to ask before classes start2021-03-20T20:21:35+00:00

Aiding Progress

To improve is to raise to a more desirable or more excellent quality or to make better. As Madrassah teachers you have a responsibility for imparting Islamic knowledge to your Madrassah pupils, taking them on a journey where they learn each day, implement new learning and improve. Good Madrassah teachers are continually checking their pupils' learning [...]

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What is Taught?

As a Madrassah teacher, you have the ability to make a huge difference to the lives of the children you teach and their development into good Muslim adults, who will contribute positively to society in the 21st century. You have the ability to mould minds, to instill confidence, honesty and love of Allah in your [...]

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Using Technology in the Madrassah Classroom

  Technology in the Madrassah can be used to: To keep students interested To make the learning and teaching more effective Extend learning to outside the Madrassah Pictures, audio and video recordings, online encyclopaedias and dictionaries, apps and VLE systems can all be incorporated in to Madrassah teaching. Technology should never be used without a purpose. [...]

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Learning Styles

People gather, process and interpret information in different ways. Students have different preferences in how they learn best. These preferences are sometimes called learning styles and are used to describe and detail the different ways students learn. Some students learn well with visual forms of information such as written texts, pictures and diagrams, some may [...]

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