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20 Tips for Keeping Your Students Busy & Engaged During Quran Lessons

The reality of teaching Quran recitation, Tajweed and memorisation is different from teaching any other subject. Because your aim as a teacher is to enable your students to achieve skills that are performed and measured orally (reading, fluency, memory, sound pronunciation, articulation, rhythm, segment stress and stretch), you find that you need to give more [...]

20 Tips for Keeping Your Students Busy & Engaged During Quran Lessons2021-03-20T20:21:27+00:00

How the Memory Works

Scientists are increasingly discovering that memory’s power lies in processes that don’t resemble a machine at all – it’s much more complex and interesting than a simple photographic record of what has passed. Remembering is a much more active process of construction. The difficulty is not so much in storing information – getting knowledge into [...]

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Importance of Memory in Islam

Memory and Memorising have a great importance and status in Islamic Scholarship. From memorising Qur'an to memorising volumes of Hadeeth (with their long chains of narrations) to memorising poetry, syntax and 'mutoun', scholars of Islam excelled in this skill. Their competence was measured against their memory first, and then later by their understanding and interpretation or [...]

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