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Tip 4: Know the difference between a Curriculum and a Syllabus

Having awareness of what a curriculum is, its purpose and the content of the curriculum at the Madrassah where you teach will help keep you focused on meeting the goals and vision set out within and will help you prioritise lesson content and activities. Curriculum It is the foundation for teaching and in it are the reasons for [...]

Tip 4: Know the difference between a Curriculum and a Syllabus2021-03-20T20:21:31+00:00

14 tips for creating your own curriculum

A curriculum is the foundation for effective teaching. Based on knowledge of the target group, it determines the aspect or aspects of their lives that the learning programme aims to enlighten, then sets a vision for the target group which they will become at the end of their learning programme. This vision is translated into [...]

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The Every Hour Counts Mosque Curriculum (2015) Jamia Al-Karam

Curriculum Overview   The Ever Hour Counts Mosque Curriculum has been designed in order to make full use of students’ time at the Madrassah.   Age group   11 – 16 year olds.   Curriculum Objectives   To have students understand the Qur’an and Hadith directly and thereby to protect them from misguidance and extremism. [...]

The Every Hour Counts Mosque Curriculum (2015) Jamia Al-Karam2016-12-20T11:37:30+00:00

Husayni Curriculum (2008)

Curriculum Overview   The Husayni Qur’an Curriculum gives students the opportunity to learn to read Qur’anic Arabic with tajweed, memorize and understand key themes in popular surahs and understand the history of the Qur’an according to Shia belief.   The Husayni Fiqh Curriculum offers a comprehensive study of Islamic obligations from a Shia perspective. This [...]

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Learning Styles

People gather, process and interpret information in different ways. Students have different preferences in how they learn best. These preferences are sometimes called learning styles and are used to describe and detail the different ways students learn. Some students learn well with visual forms of information such as written texts, pictures and diagrams, some may [...]

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