Madrassah Rating is a facility that allows you as a parent to rate your experience and your child’s experience with a Madrassah according to the following criteria:

  • Health & Safety
  • Quality of teaching
  • Teaching facilities
  • Quality of curriculum

Why rate a Madrassah?

By rating your Madrassah or Islamic Supplementary School you make yourself heard as a parent to Madrassah Management and Imams. It is in the best interest of Madrassah Managers and senior teachers to keep you as a parent satisfied with your child’s safety and learning quality and experience.

Your rating is also visible to new potential parents or families looking to enrol their child/ren at a Madrassah.

A good rating from you means that the Madrassah is suitable for other children and families; in terms of health and safety, learning quality and experience, while a bad rating has an opposite impact.

We believe an independent rating brings an invaluable insight into the quality of a Madrassah’s safety and teaching standards.

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