Madrassah Management Training

Madrassah Management Training is designed to support the teaching and learning of young people in Mosque based Madrassahs or Islamic Supplementary Schools. The management training seeks to support and nurture the students’ learning experience and has a very clear focus on protecting children and young people in your care from harm through a robust approach to safeguarding. It incorporates the latest safeguarding principles, management, operational and procedural frameworks to support Mosque, Madrassah and school staff to effectively run the educational centre.


It is primarily a comprehensive series of tools, templates, training, policies, procedures and frameworks developed to support management

We Focus On Training

Whatever your curriculum, this training will be highly valuable for you to manage your institute well.

Materials provided

During the training the professional trainer will provide you with unique material to learn off and take home to benefit from

Face to face training

We believe people gain more from personal interaction during training, that is why all our training is done in a venue of your choice with face to face training.

Duration: 1 Day

Training lasts between 4-5 hours. Our professional trainers are available for as long as needed after the session to provide any further support


All attendees of the training will be provided with certification. You will be sent your certificates during the two weeks following the training date.

Professional Trainers

The training is delivered by a number of our professionally trained Madrassah trainers across the UK

10 Years Experience

The Madrassah Management trainers are fully trained in delivering the Madrassah Framework which encompasses the management side of teaching

Course Details

This training is highly beneficial for managers and sponsors of Madrassahs or Islamic Supplementary Schools. It is also very beneficial for senior teachers with management responsibilities and administration staff with admission responsibilities.

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Why We Are Madrassah Experts

  • 15 years experience in the field
  • Bespoke training unavailable anywhere else
  • Designed specifically for Madrassahs
  • Based on the unique Madrassah Framework
  • Certification provided

What People Say

Brilliant training course that has improved my confidence in being a madrassah teacher
Suleiman Islam, Mosque
Excellent training that was provided by a friendly and good instructor
Safia Bismillah, Mosque
Very good training for teachers in the Madrassah who want to improve and develop
Farah Hussein, Mosque

Book Training

If you are interested in getting training, fill out the form below and one of our team members will get in touch