After a decade of experience in the Madrassah sector, Faith Associates developed a Quality Standards Framework to help Madrassahs raise standards in key areas relating to management and teaching; policies and procedures, structure and management, staff recruitment, student admissions, teaching strategies, curriculum, assessment and child protection.

The Madrassah Quality Standard Framework (MQSF) – will allow Madrassahs to improve standards and measure their performance against standardised benchmarks, from which Madrassahs will be audited and awarded either bronze (mizan), silver (kausar) or gold (firdaus) accreditations. Any Madrassah that adheres to the MQSF will automatically be part of the National Association of Madrassahs (NAM).

The Madrassah Quality Standards Framework (MQSF) also provides an auditing mechanism to measure the performance of Madrassahs and Islamic Supplementary Schools against the eight MQSF frameworks (outlined below), which have a number of standards each.

Framework 1 Policies & Procedures (Standards PP0-PP13)
Framework 2 Structure & Management (Standards SM1-SM8)
Framework 3 Staff Recruitment & HR (Standards HR1-HR4)
Framework 4 Student Admissions (Standards SA1-SA4)
Framework 5 Teaching Strategies (Standards TS1-TS3)
Framework 6 Madrassah Curriculum (Standards MC1-MC6)
Framework 7 Performance Assessment (Standards PA1)
Framework 8 Child Protection (StandardsCP1-CP9)

The Madrassah in Western Europe and North America, in its current form, is largely a product of the 20th century and is thus still in its infancy. The educational quality of these Madrassahs varies vastly and thus affects the pupils experience with religion.

It is therefore essential that the Madrassah develops in the healthiest and most constructive way possible in order to provide maximum benefit to the young Muslims who attend and the society they contribute to.

The Madrassah Quality Standard Framework (MQSF) facilitates the development of leaders, teachers and administrative staff as well as the institutions they serve. It will work towards quality of Islamic education within a safe, sustainable and spiritually uplifting environment.

By attaining Quality Standards, Madrassahs can be confident that they are delivering a high quality Islamic educational experience to their pupils. The Quality Standards are equally beneficial for established and newly formed start-up Madrassahs or supplementary schools. Among the numerous benefits are that your institution will

  • Be striving towards excellence, an honourable principle in our faith

  • Have the necessary procedures and right measures for ensuring the safety of your pupils

  • Have increased trust and confidence from parents

  • Gain better reputation in your community and hence possibly more referrals to your Madrassah

  • Have the necessary safeguarding and health and safety requirements essential for any form of partnership or collaborative projects with your local authority or schools.

  • Attract potential sponsors and stakeholders

  • Protect your institution in the current tension-filled environment, amidst a potentially heightening government scrutiny of the Madrassah sector by meeting all legal requirement

  • Benefit from increased quality assurance due to having correct and professional policies and procedures in place at your institution

  • Focus on strategic management, everyday responsibilities and future planning and creativity while we set the foundations of quality assurance right for you

  • Focus on improving teaching content and helping students meet their learning goals

  • Increased staff & employees’ satisfaction

  • Receive documents, letters and forms branded with your logo

  • Eliminate causes of potential disputes and conflicts resulting from lack of appropriate procedures and implementation of essential policies.

  • Automatically become a member of The National Association of Madrassahs (NAM), a non-denominational, non-governmental platform through which all Madrassahs and Islamic supplementary schools can gather to learn, reflect and share how they can improve the educational, governance and administrative qualities of these institutions.

The National Association of Madrassahs (NAM) operates as a non-denominational platform through which all Madrassahs and Islamic supplementary schools can gather to learn, reflect and share good practice on improving the educational, governance and administrative qualities of their institutions.

No it is not. The National Association of Madrassahs (NAM) is an independent initiative developed in consultation with educationalists within the Islamic and secular educational industries and following observations of 100’s Madrassahs and Islamic Supplementary schools. This project has been in the design phase since the completion of the Madrassah Management and safeguarding Toolkit produced by Faith Associates in 2011. The publication can be downloaded here

This project is a sign of the British Muslim communities natural growth and maturity and a is clear step towards establishing a self-regulated scheme.

This National Association of Madrassahs (NAM) is funded through Madrassahs purchasing the auditing and accreditation service.

The website and the team is also offering other accredited and structured support programmes, which can be purchased. The income generated will be used to sustain the NAM and develop a continuous development programme to support Madrassah and Supplementary Schools.

Madrassahs and Islamic Supplementary schools that become members of the National Association of Madrassahs (NAM) will be part of a national network support structure that facilitates the development of leaders, teachers, administrators and the institutions that serve children in the development of their Islamic faith identity, outside of mainstream educational settings.

They will benefit from expert advice and support, good practice, access to national conferences and Continuous Professional Development training.


A Madrassah Audit or health check is carried out by a Faith Associates representative who will check the status and condition of the Madrassah or Islamic Supplementary school against the Madrassah Quality Standards Framework (MQSF) to identify the baseline of good governance and teaching.

Following this, a report will be produced to determine what actions need to be taken.

Mizan (Bronze), Kausar (Silver) and Firdaus (Gold) are three levels within the Madrassah Quality Standards Framework (MQSF).  Mizan is an entry level containing 18 procedures and policies that are mainly legally required. Kausar is an intermediate level containing 18 health and safety, staff development and student induction policies and procedures. Firdaus is an Advanced level containing 30 policies and procedures designed to enable further excellence in health and safety, teaching and learning, evaluation and assessment. In addition to the policies and procedures, each level is supported with forms and letters.

Each level is governed by eight frameworks and each framework entails a different set of policies and procedures that a Madrassah must implement in order to attain that level.

Mizan (Bronze) is an entry level standard, containing mainly legally required policies and procedures. Through the audit, any gaps in the Madrassah’s policies or procedures will be identified and an action plan will be put in place to close those gap, however big or small they are. If an institution is found to be ready for Kausar then the Madrassah will be accredited with Mizan status and can then begin working towards Kausar.

If through the initial audit process your Madrassah is found to be ready for Kausar then the Madrassah will be accredited with Mizan status and can begin working towards Kausar.

This depends on each Madrassah and how quickly and effectively they can implement each policy. It may take one week or several months depending on the senior management team and the teaching staff and how well the MQSF can be adhered to as a culture within the organisation.

For a detailed breakdown of associated costs please refer to this page.

Once a Madrassah successfully implements all the standards in the eight frameworks for a given grade, then a qualified independent auditor from Faith Associates will come to assess the work. If the policies have been implemented successfully then the institution will successfully pass the grade and will be awarded an accreditation. The institution will receive a certificate and the accreditation will also be added to the Madrassah information on the website for public view.



In most cases it takes between one to three hours

Please get in touch with us on info@madrassah.co.uk or give us a call on 0149 4 41 6202

Faith Associates was set up in 2004 as a non-theological consultancy to meet the needs of ethnic minority faith-based communities. We work in a culturally sensitive, multidisciplinary way to provide research, training, advice and guidance to influence the challenges faced by communities and we aim to improve the choices of individuals or Organisations may make. Faith Associates recognises the key roles Mosques, Madrassahs and Islamic Centres play in providing guidance and have developed supporting programmes to enhance their governance, management and service delivery.
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