The purpose of this page is to provide overviews and descriptions of key curricula in the Madrassah sector. This is in order for Madrassah staff and management to make an informed choice of what curricula or curricula to use in their Madrassahs.

What is a Curriculum?

The word curriculum (plural- curricula) is derived from the Latin ‘currere’, which means ‘race course’. Essentially a curriculum is a course of study the student will ‘run’ whilst at a madrassah. It is the total learning experience as detailed by a Madrassah. It is a guideline set out describing what will be taught. It outlines the educational objectives and expected knowledge at the end of the course and the values expected from the students with guidance on principles of assessment and evaluation. Curricula often include guidance on materials and resources.

What is a Syllabus?

The word syllabus (plural- syllabi or syllabuses) is derived from the Latin ‘sillubos’ meaning ‘list’. It is a descriptive list of the contents that will be taught, a guideline of how the curriculum will be successfully implemented. It includes topics to be covered, assessment tasks, mark scheme and key dates.

Curriculum/Syllabus Evaluation Rubric

A Curriculum Rubric is an evaluation tool used to promote quality standards throughout Madrassah curricula. The rubric with its clearly defined criteria is used as a scoring instrument against which popular curriculums can be measured. This helps to ensure consistency in evaluating curricula. View the Curriculum Rubric here


The curriculum is based on Imam Ghazali’s 11th century 40 series book of Ihya Ulum al-Din translated as ‘The revival of the Religious Sciences’. The purpose of the book is...

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Curriculum Overview The curriculum covers five areas; beliefs, memorization of key surahs, seerah (history), worship and manners. All five areas are presented by way of a visual spiral diagram at...

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Curriculum Overview The Qur’an Curriculum offers students the opportunity to learn how to read the Qur’an through a clear incremental study of tajweed, key lessons from the Qur’an and how...

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Curriculum Overview The Karimia Let’s Learn Islam Curriculum has been designed to develop the children’s love of Islam and teach them their fard ‘ain knowledge specific to worship. The four...

gift for muslims

Curriculum Overview The curriculum and attainment targets are linked with the non-statutory national framework for religious education as published by the Qualification and Curriculum Authority (QCA), the Department of Education...