How to Speak to Our Children about Terrorist Attacks

When a terrorist attack strikes and the perpetrators are thought to be Muslims, fingers of suspicion are pointed at the wider Muslim community. Our children are no exception. They are left to fend for themselves in schools and among peers and senior adults who would speak of 'Islamic terrorism', 'Muslim terrorists' or 'Islamic State'; constantly directly or indirectly [...]

How to Speak to Our children about Islam-hating Content Online

Many children spend an average of six hours a day online. Even with lesser exposure to the internet and social media, the chances that our children are stumbling upon and viewing Islam-hating material online are highly likely. Despite feelings of shock and disapproval, some may prefer to conceal there experience from their parents out of [...]

What to do if a student faints in your Madrassah?

A person who is about to faint experiences some of these symptoms including; nausea (feeling sick), blurry vision or spots in front of his/her eyes, ringing in ears, confusion, fast, deep breathing and lightheadedness. It is caused by extreme emotional stress, sudden pain, suddenly sitting or standing, dehydration and even laughing, sneezing or coughing. If a [...]

Internet & Social Media Use and Safety Advice

Children in many Muslim households are spending more and more hours on the Internet and social media every day, often with minimal or no supervision from parents and guardians. With an increase in cyber-bullying, sexting, online pornography and grooming, children are more likely to become victims of those types of harms, unless parents and guardians [...]

Guide to Social Media- Safety Risks and How to Protect Children

Protecting children and young people against physical, emotional, psychological and intellectual harm is an Islamic obligation upon parents and guardians. All those types of harm -especially the last three- are existent online and some may be just a finger-tip away from your child. Intellectual harm includes indoctrination and brainwashing of a young person’s mind into [...]

Teachers Behaviour and Code of Conduct Policy

Writing has an esteemed status in Islam and in Islamic civilisations, particularly for its usefulness in preserving information, ease of accessibility, transmittance and developing of the knowledge it compasses. Having Madrassah policies and procedures written and documented in one place will improve the way the Madrassah functions, because it will ensure that all teachers -new [...]

Parents volunteering in Madrassahs

Parents who volunteer their time to help out at their child’s Madrassah on a regular basis are known as classroom or parent helpers. They are not the same as classroom assistants, who are paid staff. Parent helpers are a great asset to teachers and children at a Madrassah. They can make a big difference to [...]

Legal Working Age at Madrassahs

Assigning a worker or volunteer is part of the responsibility of the management and the safety and effectiveness of the work being carried out is the responsibility of the management as it is of the worker or volunteer.  The prophet peace be upon him said: كُلُّكُمْ رَاعٍ وَكُلُّكُمْ مَسْؤول عَنْ رَعِيَّتِهِ [All of you are [...]

Keeping Children Safe When Learning Outdoors

Learning outdoors has been proven to be highly engaging for students. Students who take part in outdoor learning are happier, more focused and better behaved. It provides a rich setting for lessons promoting reflection on the signs of Allah in the aim of increasing children’s conscious Iman and Love of Allah. Indeed, the Quran tells [...]

How to talk to your child about sexual abuse

We want our children to live peaceful, happy and safe lives, but know very well that there are evildoers, blinded by their desires who will not hesitate to abuse children if they can get the opportunity. They thrive on a child’s naivety and on parents’ denial that such evil could ever happen to their own [...]