About Walaa

Graduate in English Linguistics from UCL and Roehampton University, and a qualified teacher of English as a second language. Currently, Walaa manages a community Madrassah in a mosque in West London.

How to Speak to Our Children about Terrorist Attacks

When a terrorist attack strikes and the perpetrators are thought to be Muslims, fingers of suspicion are pointed at the wider Muslim community. Our children are no exception. They are left to fend for themselves in schools and among peers and senior adults who would speak of 'Islamic terrorism', 'Muslim terrorists' or 'Islamic State'; constantly directly or indirectly [...]

How to Speak to Our children about Islam-hating Content Online

Many children spend an average of six hours a day online. Even with lesser exposure to the internet and social media, the chances that our children are stumbling upon and viewing Islam-hating material online are highly likely. Despite feelings of shock and disapproval, some may prefer to conceal there experience from their parents out of [...]

How to memorise the Quran?

Memorising Quran is a journey for the best of people to embark on. Indeed as the prophet peace be upon him said: 'The best of you are those who learn the Quran and teach it to others'. Memorising the Quran is an expression of deep love to the guidance that Allah mercifully sent to His [...]

What to do if a student faints in your Madrassah?

A person who is about to faint experiences some of these symptoms including; nausea (feeling sick), blurry vision or spots in front of his/her eyes, ringing in ears, confusion, fast, deep breathing and lightheadedness. It is caused by extreme emotional stress, sudden pain, suddenly sitting or standing, dehydration and even laughing, sneezing or coughing. If a [...]

How to Teach with Memory in Mind

When teaching children, the optimal desired objective is for them to be able to retain the information you are giving them in their long term memory until it becomes part of the quick and effortless knowledge base that they are able to retrieve, use and apply competently. This applies to Quranic verses, Dua lines, Hadeeth [...]

How the Memory Works

Scientists are increasingly discovering that memory’s power lies in processes that don’t resemble a machine at all – it’s much more complex and interesting than a simple photographic record of what has passed. Remembering is a much more active process of construction. The difficulty is not so much in storing information – getting knowledge into [...]

Importance of Memory in Islam

Memory and Memorising have a great importance and status in Islamic Scholarship. From memorising Qur'an to memorising volumes of Hadeeth (with their long chains of narrations) to memorising poetry, syntax and 'mutoun', scholars of Islam excelled in this skill. Their competence was measured against their memory first, and then later by their understanding and interpretation or [...]

10 ideas to get your Madrassah students to Understand and Benefit from Ramadan

Ramadan will soon be upon us in shaa Allah. And with it comes the responsibility of Madrassahs teachers to motivate children to be in the right mindset to prepare themselves spiritually, physically and socially to earn as many benefits as possible during this blessed month. Madrassahs will vary in the amount of time they choose [...]

Food and Fuel for Fasting Students

Ramadan returns in few days time to be embraced by believers who long for their Lord's Mercy and closeness. Some of our blessed youth will be choosing to fast the long summer days of the month while revising and setting their GCSE or Al-Level exams. And some may also be striving to memorise Quran in [...]

Graduation Ceremony for 542 Turkish Hufaz

The Rize State of North East Turkey witnessed a graduation ceremony  in one of its major Mosques (Jami' Al-Sahil) last August to celebrate the accomplishments of 542 Hufaz who completed memorising the Quran. The ceremony was attended and supported by many reputable figures, including members of the Religious ministry, mayors of several cities and representatives of the [...]